anitaAnita Okoye


Born in Nigeria, African Royalty Anita Okoye is much more than just the wife of music legend Paul Okoye from rap duo P-Square. With an MBA and a law degree, she is also a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and most importantly a mother. In 2016 she quit her job and became a full time entrepreneur with a mission to change the way Africa is seen by the people who don’t live there, as well as the people who do. Read More


Theresa Mamah

Dr. Theresa Mamah

Founder/Director of Marketing

A published children’s author, a storyteller, and a musician. The Founder/CEO of nonprofit “JUMA Kids Inc.”, her mission to help young readers and writers across the globe create something beautiful out of a difficult experience. She is the daughter of the the late Nigerian politician Matthew Mamah, and continues her father’s mission to create a better Africa, and a better world. Read More.


Natasha Norman

Founder/Communications Manager

Natasha Norman is a writer, a musician, a web designer, a producer, and an all around serial entrepreneur. Despite having a B.S in Communications Media and an MBA from Berklee College of Music, in 2015 she decided to leave the mundane 9-5 life and began her #IDefineHappy movement which is meant to encourage everyone  to chase their own definition of happiness. In 2016 she co-founded #IDefineMedia. Read More.


Micheline Bowman

Founder/Media Coordinator

Micheline Bowman is a graduate of Morgan University with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. As the community and news coordinator for Fox Television in the District of Columbia, Bowman is largely responsible for all the news that the station broadcasts daily. Not to mention her “Meet Me Monday networking event hosts hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, musicians, and politicians each week. Read More.



Doris Mukangu – Johari Africa

Derrick Lawson – Entertainment Concierge

Raji Shehu – VP, RudeBoyRecordz