Imagine an Africa that knows how rich they are….

For a long time the world’s perception of Africa has been extreme poverty, disease, hopelessness, and corruption. Despite its abundance of various natural resources, it has been portrayed as a continent that could not survive without the help of others. The truth is, like many places in the world Africa does have flaws, but beneath, around, and even within those flaws, there are so many hidden jewels. Africa is covered in treasure.

 #TheCashewAppleProject is a mission to uncover Africa’s hidden jewels.

The movement was initiated by African royalty Anita Okoye, wife of Paul Okoye from the legendary music duo, P-Square. Anita, who is a wife, lawyer, author, philanthropist and mother, began the project when she realized the strong need for encouragement on her continent.   

“This sheds the light on the need to stop stereotyping us as a continent that needs help. We are covered in jewels and need to explore, appreciate, and be super proud of our Africa”

Anita Okoye, #TheCashewAppleProject

The name of the project came during a discussion about the cashew apple, which is a fruit and a perfect example of the types of jewels that hide on the second largest continent in the world. Many people, even in Africa, don’t know that the cashew nuts we eat come from a fruit that grows on trees, with each fruit supplying a single cashew. Despite the lack of knowledge however, the cashew industry has grown into a 6 billion dollar industry. What may surprise many people is that nearly 50% of all cashews that are consumed globally, are grown in Africa. Imagine an Africa that knows how rich they are…

The movement will consist of a series of individual missions to expose Africa’s gems which are hiding in the agriculture, fashion, music, art, infrastructure, and more. 

Welcome to #TheCashewAppleProject

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” 

-African Proverb